Your tour guide Ikaros,”carrying” you on his wings, will take you on a journey back to antiquity.
Through narration and instrumental music, you’ll fly over the Aegean Sea to the Islands of Dilos, Ikaria (Fourni), Hios, Samos, Lesvos and Limnos.
You’ll “connect” with the minds of some of the most brilliant personalities of Western Civilization whose creations in the Arts, Philosophy, Mathematics, Hydrolics, Medicine, Shipbuilding, Civil Engineering, Astronomy, Mining, Coinage, Fine Jewelry, Mechanical Engineering, the foundation of Democracy and many more achievements are an integral part of the values and thought of mankind, throughout the centuries to the present.
You’ll experience the beauty of Sappho’s segments of poetry which palpitates with the emotions that touch humanity.
The sounds of the sea, of a violin and the gentleness of feeling in a young girl’s voice bring you near the sapphire sea and the emerald hills, as they embrace at the shoreline. Your soul rejuvanates with the immortal values of life.
AEGEAN SPLENDOR GREECE is your personal journey in time, when Western thought was born and where humanity’s most precious values and achievements made declarations that have survived eternity.
It is your journey and mine.
M.K.  May 2015

“Dedicated to you with kind intention, to discover the roots of your everyday life in Hellas!”

Χορηγος Επικοινωνιας